About Austin 

My name is Austin Andrews. Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved the outdoors…and I’ve always carried a knife.  

For as long as I can remember, knives have held a special fascination for me.  The different shapes and styles, the forging techniques, steel composition, and fine wooden handles could hold my interest for hours.  Eventually, I decided to try making one myself.   It took a lot of trial and error, some figuring, some refiguring, and a bit more frustration than I’d expected, but before too long, I was starting to be pleased with my efforts.

That beginning was years ago and I am happy to say that I’m more passionate than ever about turning pieces of metal and chunks of wood into useful, lasting pieces of art.  It is a special thrill to watch someone’s eyes light up the first time they see a knife that was created just for them.

Austin Legacy Knives are made to order from one of the two collections below.  

The Heritage Collection

As with my Legacy Knives, you choose the blade style from the selections I offer, but the handle material will be provided by you—most likely from a treasured, but forgotten piece of your family’s past.  A piece of wood from an old baseball bat, a slat from the barn door on granddaddy’s farm, mama’s rolling pin you sent to the attic years ago, the handle from daddy’s old saw or his hammer or shovel or shotgun, a piece of the tree that was planted the day someone was born… The list goes on and on, but any small piece of wood infused with special memories will do. If you are interested in The Heritage Collection please click here.

The Legacy Collection

From our many options available on the website, you choose the blade style and handle material.  After your decision is confirmed and details agreed upon, the creation of your knife will have my individual attention—imaginatively created with careful detail—handcrafted as a functional heirloom to be passed from one generation to the next.  Each knife is discreetly numbered “1 of 1” on the left side of the blade.